Photo Panel for the office

We produce large and small photo panels / photo boards for decoration of office rooms. High-quality photo print is great for quick and easy decoration of interior of any house or office, and for bringing life into it.

A photo panel is a great and original present for any occasion – be it a wedding, a birthday celebration, or any other personal or work-related event. High-quality wide format printers also give you an original and inexpensive opportunity to enjoy works of famous painters on the walls of your office or flat.

Vipline will transfer any photograph from your digital photo camera to canvas, self-adhesive tape, fabric, aluminium, acrylic glass. In other words, we will find an individual solution, as an image can be transferred to any base.

Photo panels will help to decorate any area of the house and virtually any item, adding an individual character to doors, kitchen suites, sliding door wardrobes, windows and cabinets. A photo panel can also serve as a great table top or, for example, headboard of a bed.

A photo panel can be used to make a glass splashback for the kitchen instead of the one made from ceramic tiles or plastic. Other possible options for application include interior walls, curtains and wall paintings.

Photo panel on a canvas

Printing of a photo canvas is performed on a special material – a canvas for digital print, which is then stretched across a wooden frame. You can hang such photo panel on the wall, or later take it off and select an original frame moulding for it, design and colour of which suit you best.

Photo panel on a self-adhesive film

The base can be made of various rigid materials of different thickness (3, 5 or 10 mm).
The photograph is printed on the self-adhesive film, laminated with gloss or matte laminate and installed on a hard surface. Such photo boards are resistant to moisture, dust and wear. If necessary, we offer attachments to the wall and/or insert the panel in an aluminium profile frame.

Photo panel on a composite material

Another original and modern way to decorate an interior is to use a photograph on a composite base with an option of choosing the colour and texture of the base. The material used for the base is glossy or brushed aluminium, with wood texture or coloured options. A photograph on a thin and light composite aluminium plate looks very stylish. Such photo panel looks great as a part of a home interior, or in an office, a sales area, or a tradeshow.

The plate is only 3 mm thick, however, it is strong and elegant. If necessary, we offer attachments to the wall and/or insert the panel in an aluminium profile frame.

Photo panel on fabric

Other than the options listed above, we can print any image that you choose on a special fabric. This solution is ideal for exclusive curtains, roller shades, or it can be used as an interior wall, letting you quickly and easily divide you room into areas, adding elegance to it.

Photo panel on glass or acrylic glass

Glass and acrylic glass have great practical properties, such as durability, high resistance to scratches and minor damage, non-absorbance of smells and any types of dirt.

The image is printed directly on the surface of glass or acrylic glass – this ensures exact rendition of colours and tones. Glass provides almost infinite options for decoration, which makes it the most fashionable and demanded material for decoration of kitchen splashbacks, areas above sinks, washbasins and stoves, glass photo pictures, glass photo doors, interior walls, and even photo mirrors.

Glass photo pictures can be installed at a distance from the wall using decorative spacers, or framed in a profile frame.

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