Packaging for Gifts

Vipline produces packaging from any material, which is usually cardboard, corrugated paper board, thin plastic and paper.

We will always find an individual solution suitable specifically for you.

We make any quantity of packaging material, even 1 item if necessary.

For your convenience Vipline prepared ready models of packaging, which you can see in the catalogue.

Cardboard packaging is intended for preservation of properties of items after their production, and to make them compact for the purpose of convenient transportation. Most of the time it also serves as one of media of advertising of the goods.

Cardboard packaging is used almost in all production branches.

Bright and colourful packaging, as well as its convenience and functionality, attract attention of customers, this way increasing volumes of sales of the goods.

Modern packaging does not necessarily have to be in a form of standard square boxes – it can have various shapes depending on the fantasy of the designer. At present our equipment allows us to produce almost any type of packaging, and to apply multicoloured bright print on it.

Unusual, original and beautiful packaging will help to make your goods stand out on the shelves and to attract customers’ attention to it. Packaging motivates to give a try, forms the first impression, image and association with the company.

Cardboard packaging can be broadly divided into following types:

  • packaging for household chemicals
  • packaging for gifts
  • packaging for alcohol products
  • cardboard boxes for footwear and textile products
  • original packaging for perfume and cosmetics
  • boxes and packaging for pre-packaged tea or coffee
  • festive packaging for different drinks, wine, beer
  • packaging for electronic information media, for example, envelopes and cases for CDs
  • other types of packaging

Our experienced employees are always ready to help you to find a solution that will suit you.

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