Illuminated Thin Panel

Illuminated thin panel – an elegant illuminated solution for advertising of goods and services. An illumination system allows such thin illuminated panels with thickness of 5 – 10 mm to have a bright and even light.

Advantages of illuminated panels

Even illumination and a high level of brightness attract a large number of potential customers.

Long-term use.

Simplicity of maintenance and versatility. Use of this product is very simple. An illuminated panel is suitable to advertising of any goods and services.

Stylish modern design. Vipline also develops new models of illuminated solutions for its customers, designing the most suitable option.

Low level of heat emission. This feature ensures minimum impact on the image and the interior.

Light weight of the illuminated panel. Vipline takes care of figuring out the way to attach the product to the surface, and you do not have to worry about it. We also offer the installation service.

Vipline provides an effective ready to use illuminated advertising solution within a short term and at a good price.

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