Illuminated Pylon

Illuminated pylon – a modern appearance of outdoor advertisement, separately standing and narrow object, that thanks to the combination of height and illumination attracts attention of everyone – as pedestrians, so drivers. It suits perfectly if you need to advertise an establishment located within a massive structure or object, or away from the motorway. It helps the customer to orient oneself and find the right way.

Illuminated pylons can often be met near petrol stations. Such pylons also provide information about prices or discounts. In such case an illuminated lightbox with information is inserted into the pylon. Usually an awning or a roof in the same style as the pylon are installed on it.

Vipline produces single-sided and double-sided illuminated pylons of any sizes and shapes – rectangular, cylindrical and other.

An illuminated information pylon is a useful and original component of the exterior of a company, highlighting respectability of the organisation and its care for its customers and visitors.

Vipline provides an effective ready to use illuminated advertising solution within a short term and at a good price. Please get in touch with our experienced sales consultants.

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