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Small format printing includes all sizes up to A3, e.g., business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures, invitations, calendars, and posters. We use paper/cardboard, and design paper as materials.

Digital printing is a fast and efficient printing solution. The number of copies to be printed can vary significantly, starting with a single copy.

A brochure is a printed advertisement of 8 to 48 pages in length. The most common sizes are A4 and A5. As a post-printing service, we offer comb binding – metal spiral, You can choose between various sizes and colours; stapled – suitable for binding thin prints. Printing is possible starting with a single copy.

We print flyers on a daily basis, on silk or gloss paper with a thickness of 120 to 200 g. Printing is possible starting with a single copy, one- or two-sided, in black-and-white or in colour. Prints can be ordered according to the desired size, with the most common sizes being A4, A5 and A6.

Calendars offer an excellent opportunity to advertise the company all-year-round – while also providing a practical use. We offer the opportunity to create wall or table calendars.

Calendar TRIO — base 297x420 mm + picture above A4, content 12 pages, spiral binding, hole for fixing
A4 wall calendar — spiral binding, hole for fixing, hook for fixing
Table calendar — size 210x125mm — spiral binding
Pocket calendar — size 70x100mm 

Invitations can be printed as either one- or two-sided. We find suitable materials and special papers based on the client’s requests and possibilities.

We offer folding as a post-printing service. Printing is possible starting with a single copy.

Posters can be ordered starting from a single copy. It is possible to print posters as either one-sided or two-sided. Standard sizes are A3 and A4. 

As a post-printing service, we offer lamination.

Business cards can be printed starting from 100 pieces, one-sided or two-sided, black-and-white or coloured. As an additional service, we offer lamination and the rounding of corners. Ordering digitally printed business cards is ideal when you need the cards in a hurry and the print-runs are not significant.

Leaflets are information carriers. They are normally printed on 150 g paper. Printing is possible starting with a single copy.

Interior design products include photo wallpaper, roller blinds, photos on foam board (KAPA) or canvas, photo glass for kitchen splashbacks, etc. 

Digital printing is ideal for printing on the materials and in the dimensions specified by the client, and when using the client’s personal digital photo. 

Products are printed using environmentally friendly inks and the materials ensure convenient mounting of the products. Digitally printed materials provide vibrant colours. The design is printed with water-based inks, which are harmless to the environment as well as to human health. Interior printing is an excellent opportunity to make your home or office a more personalised and eye-catching space.
For interiors, we use latex and UV-printers. 

Paper photo wallpaper can be printed in the dimensions specified by the client. The client is free to choose the digital photo and the structure. The wallpaper shall be printed with water-based and environment-friendly inks. If necessary, the client can hang the wallpaper on their own, using wallpaper glue and the same techniques and tools as with regular wallpaper. The maximum width of the printed wallpaper pane is 130 mm.

Instructions for hanging photo wallpaper are available here.

Photo foam boards and canvasses are printed on a special foam board or canvas material. Foam boards are usually 5 or 10 mm in thickness.

The selection includes direct printing on a board, or printing on a sticker or photo paper which can then be glued to the base board. Pictures can be prepared either from edge to edge or also covering the sides of the board, as requested. The picture can additionally also be framed in an aluminium frame. In the case of canvases, the printed material is stretched over a special wooden frame, whereas the picture continues on the sides. If necessary, the picture can be supplied with wall attachments.

There are many different ways to decorate kitchen splashbacks. Since a kitchen is a very demanding place concerning materials, then the materials we use are heat-, moisture-, and abrasion-proof. 

The picture can be glued as a film or printed two-layered using UV printing. In both cases the final result will be beautiful and of high quality. Both plexiglass as well as toughened glass can be used as materials.

Roller blinds are one of the easiest ways to decorate a home with a unique design element. The fabric is matt and has excellent printability. The printed side of the fabric is textured, the back side smooth. The edges of the printed fabric will not bend. The roller mechanism can be ordered from us or an already existing structure can be used.

Vinyl photo stickers enable smooth surfaces to be covered, e.g. the doors of wardrobes or fridges, and walls. The stickers are printed with a special interior printer, which ensures a sharp and vivid result. The maximum width of the printed sticker is 1500 mm.

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